New "Public Charge" Rule Will Discourage Immigrant Participation in Medicaid

From Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (

In spite of overwhelming opposition from hundreds of thousands of people and organizations filing public comments opposing this change in immigration policy, the Trump Administration has released the final “public charge” rule, which will make it much more difficult for many immigrants in the United States lawfully to remain here and for many seeking legal entry to come.

As CBPP President Bob Greenstein said in a statement released yesterday:
”The rule directs immigration officials to reject applications from individuals who seek to remain in or enter the country if they have received — or are judged more likely than not to receive in the future — any of an extensive array of public benefits that are tied to need, including SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), Medicaid, and housing assistance.”

In his statement detailing the numerous adverse effects of the rule, Greenstein concluded: “This rule, along with other harsh Administration executive orders and actions, is part of an effort to advance a nativist agenda that is antithetical to our nation’s professed values. It should be reversed as swiftly as possible.”

The rule was released in the Federal Register yesterday and will go into effect October 15, unless litigation stalls or stops it.

Jane McNichol