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Medicaid Public Option/Health Care Action Day Photos

Jane McNichol

Posted 3/19/2018

The Human Services Committee will hold a public hearing on the Medicaid Public Option Bill (HB 5463) this Tuesday, March 20, beginning at noon. Details about the hearing and sign-up procedures in the legislative Bulletin here, under Public Hearings. The hearing on this bill was originally scheduled for last week but was postponed because of snow. Details about the bill below.

Thanks to all who participated in Health Care Action Day last Wednesday! About 50 activists came to Hartford to meet with legislators and let them know that Health Care Matters. See photos here. 

HB 5463: An Act Concerning a Medicaid Public Option (HUSKY E) would require that the Department of Social Services design a program for Connecticut residents who aren't eligible for Medicaid/HUSKY to buy coverage. Thanks to Rose Ferraro of Universal Health Care Foundation of CT for this summary of the key points of the bill:

  • To be implemented by DSS Commissioner in consultation with the Office of Health Strategy and Health Care Cabinet
  • Creates HUSKY E as a Medicaid public option
  • Includes, but not limited to, Essential Health Benefits
  • For those not eligible for HUSKY A, B, C and D
  • Funded by premiums charged to enrollees

HUSKY E study needs to include an examination of whether the state should:

  • Apply for a state innovation waiver to allow people to use Advance Premium Tax Credits and cost sharing subsidies towards their premiums
  • Charge enrollees copays and deductibles, and if so, at what amounts
  • Sell the HUSKY E plan on Access Health CT

       January 1, 2019 – Complete study
       February 1, 2019 – Submit plan and federal waiver (if applicable) to legislature
       Within 30 days of receipt of plan by legislature, hold public hearing on plan
       January 1, 2020 – Implement Medicaid Public Option

Take Action on Health Care Today!

Jane McNichol

Posted 3/14/18

It's Health Care Action Day at the Legislature! Hoping to see many of you in Hartford (at 1:00 at Emanuel Lutheran Church, 311 Capitol Avenue or after 2:00 in the Legislative Office Building). More details here.

But if you can't make it to Hartford, you can still take action. Call or e-mail your senator and representative (find your legislator and contact information here). Tell them why health care is important to you. Send them this flyer and ask them to support the Protect Our Care CT priorities:

  • Put federal consumer protections into Connecticut law (HB5210)
  • Restore Medicaid/HUSKY cuts made last year
  • Address the rising cost of prescription drugs (HB 5384)
  • Explore a new way to expand coverage (HB 5463)

More information about these proposals are on the Protect Our Care CT Resources page.

Let us know if you hear from your legislator by e-mailing



Health Care Matters - Restore Medicaid for Seniors and Parents

Jane McNichol

Posted 3/12/2018

Join health care advocates from around the state at
Health Care Action Day – March 14
as we tell our legislators to support bills
that move CT toward high quality, affordable health care for everyone! 

The Governor’s budget proposals have had public hearings.
Now legislators have to start making decisions. We can be part of those decisions. 

We support a budget which continues the Medicare Savings Program after July 1, restores coverage for 12,000 working parents, supports primary care providers and improves dental coverage for adults in HUSKY/Medicaid.  

Help us show legislators how important it is to have a strong HUSKY/Medicaid program in Connecticut.  

Plan for Health Care Action Day: 

1:00 pm - Gather at Emanuel Lutheran Church, 311 Capitol Avenue, Hartford (across from the Legislative Office Building) for a briefing on this and other health care issues. 

2:15 pm – Go to the Legislative Office Building to talk to legislators and show them how important consumer protections are. 

3:30 pm – Gather at Room 2600 for closing event 

Information available in Room 2600 throughout the afternoon. 

Let us know if you know you will be there by e-mailing Jane McNichol at Questions: contact Jane at 203-427-3909.