Support the CT Option! HB 7267 was the public option bill and now...

Big changes to HB 7267 change the “public option” to the Connecticut Option, which will:

  • develop a plan for quality, affordable health care for small businesses, nonprofits and individuals in 2022

  • restore HUSKY A for parents

  • address the underlying costs of health care

Governor Lamont, Comptroller Kevin Lembo, House Speaker Aresimowicz, Senate Pro Tem Martin Looney, Sen. Matt Lesser and Rep. Sean Scanlon announced the new proposal at a press conference on Thursday. Final bill language is not yet available.

The plan is to vote on this proposal in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. To support this bill, contact your state representative over the weekend and urge him/her to vote for HB 7267.

Major elements of the plan (more details here and in this CT Mirror article):

  • new “Connecticut Option” for health insurance coverage developed with premiums that are 20% below the average in individual and small group plans offered by Access Health CT in 2020. Plan would be managed by Comptroller Kevin Lembo’s office and offered by insurance companies. It would be available for purchase in 2022

  • state subsidies available to assist individuals to purchase insurance

  • income eligibility limits for HUSKY A parents increased above 155% of the federal poverty level (not clear if increase will be up to children’s coverage level of 201% FPL)

  • Health Care Cost Growth “benchmark” established by Office of Health Strategy (OHS) that sets targets for price increases for various parts of the health care sector. OHS to monitor and hold health care sector accountable for cost increases

  • program for importing drugs from Canada established (requires federal approval)

  • consideration of applying for federal waivers for reinsurance and other cost-saving ideas

  • state individual mandate to purchase insurance with financial penalties to fund subsidies

  • tax on opioid manufacturers to fund HUSKY A changes

  • surcharge on insurance companies to fund reinsurance program

Jane McNichol
Examining Proposals to Expand Public Coverage - KFF Web Briefing

Making Sense of Medicare-For-All and Other Proposals to Expand Public Coverage

Tuesday, May 21
1:00 pm

Kaiser Family Foundation will hold a web briefing to examine health care reforms proposed at the federal level and their implications for the nation’s health care system.

The briefing will feature KFF senior vice presidents Mollyann BrodieTricia Neuman and Larry Levitt (as moderator).

The discussion will address key questions such as:

  • What are the main goals these proposals are trying to achieve?

  • Who would be eligible for coverage?

  • How do they differ?

  • How might the proposals affect people with coverage through employers, Medicare or Medicaid?

  • How would providers be paid?

  • How does the public view such proposals?

  • What are the implications for the 2020 primaries and general election?

The panel will take questions from participants after a brief presentation drawing on KFF’s analysis and polling on the issues, including an interactive side-by-side comparison of nine bills introduced in Congress this year.

Register for the web briefing here.

Jane McNichol