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Help Make HB 5210 LAW!

Jane McNichol

Posted 5/16/2018

H.B. 5210, now P.A. 18-10, is awaiting Governor Malloy's signature after passing the state House of Representatives by a vote of 114-32 and the state Senate by a vote of 34-2.

HB 5210, one of Protect Our Care CT's priority bills, puts protection of essential health benefits into state law, so that we’re protected even if Congress or the Trump Administration eliminates those protections at the federal level. The bill also ensures coverage of preventive services at no cost to the consumer and bars annual and lifetime caps on coverage.

Governor Malloy has been an important supporter of expanding access to good health care. We are excited that this law can be part of his health care legacy.

E-mail Gov. Malloy today and let him know how important the benefits in HB 5210 (PA 18-10) are to you and your community.

Essential Health Benefits Graphic.jpg

End of Session Update and Thank You!

Jane McNichol

Posted 5/10/2018

Thanks to everyone who worked on moving the Protect Our Care CT priorities in this legislative session. Here's a quick update on what happened on our priority issues:

  • Restoring Medicaid/HUSKY cuts: In the budget adopted just hours before the session ended Wednesday night, both the Medicare Savings Program and coverage for HUSKY A parents were restored to 2017 levels. The budget passed unanimously in the Senate and by a vote of 142-8 in the House. The Governor is expected to sign the budget. 
  • Putting federal health care protections into CT law: HB 5210, which puts into state law protections for Essential Health Benefits and women's health care currently in the Affordable Care Act, passed the House, by a vote of 114-32, and the Senate, by a vote of 34-2. The bill now goes to the Governor for his consideration.
  • Addressing the rising cost of prescription drugs: HB 5384 was amended substantially in the legislative process and ultimately passed unanimously in the House and the Senate. It is an important first step in controlling drug costs. See this CT Mirror article for more details about the final bill. The bill now goes to the Governor. 
  • Studying new coverage options: HB 5463, which mandated a study of new health care coverage options for people not eligible for Medicaid, passed the House by a vote of 93-55 but was not taken up by the Senate. 

We will put out a more comprehensive report on the session later but wanted to get the basics out quickly. Thanks again to everyone who helped make these successes possible!

Keep HUSKY Parents in the Final Budget Deal!

Jane McNichol

Posted 5/8/2018

State House and Senate leaders are working on a state budget for 2019. In proposals released on Tuesday afternoon, the Medicare Savings Program for seniors and people with disabilities AND the HUSKY A program for parents are restored. These are the first budget proposals which include restoring coverage for the 13,000 working parents in HUSKY A. But it's not a final budget deal yet. Let's make sure legislative leadership knows how important coverage for HUSKY A parents is. 

Contact legislative leadership today and tell them we need restoration of HUSKY A coverage now! Names and contact information below.

  • Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (Speaker of the House) at 860-240-8500;
  • Rep. Matt Ritter (House Majority Leader) at 860-240-8585;
  • Rep. Themis Klarides (House Minority Leader) at 860-240-8700;
  • Sen. Martin Looney (Sen. President) at 860-240-0375;
  • Sen. Len Fasano (Sen. Republican President) at 800-842-1421;
  • Sen. Bob Duff (Sen. Majority Leader) at 860-240-0414;

Information about HUSKY Parents and the towns they live in available here.

Good News! HB 5210, the bill to put Affordable Care Act protections into state law, passed the Senate Monday night by a vote of 34-2. Only needs the Governor's signature to become law.