Learn about affordable (public) health care options for Connecticut

The Insurance and Real Estate and Human Services Committee held an informational hearing on possible designs of public option health care plans that would offer more affordable health care for Connecticut residents. This CT News Junkie article summarizes the hearing.

A video recording of the full hearing, which lasts two and a half hours, is available here. In case you don’t have time to watch the whole recording, here’s the starting points of various presentations:

- 4:00 minutes - Jacob Hacker, Director of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies and Stanley B. Resor Professor of Political Science at Yale University, on ways to design affordable options for health care coverage
- 17 minutes - Frances Padilla, President, Universal Health Care Foundation of CT, on consumer experience with health care costs
- 25 minutes - Q and A for Hacker and Padilla
- 56 minutes - Kevin Lembo, CT State Comptroller, on opening the state employee health care plan to small businesses
at 1 hour, 21 minutes - Ted Doolittle, CT Healthcare Advocate, on the need to control costs in the health care system
- 1 hour, 35 minutes - Cindy Mann, Manatt, former Director of the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, on approaches taken in other states
- 2 hours, 2 minutes - Dan Meuse, Deputy Director, State Health and Value Strategies, Center for Health and Wellbeing, Princeton University, on approaches taken in other states.

Jane McNichol
Coming Up - Busy Week of Hearing at the State Legislature

State legislative committees will hold several hearing this coming week of interest to health care advocates. Hearing details, including how to testify or submit written testimony, are available in the CGA Bulletin posted daily on the Legislature’s website.

Monday, February 11

Public Health Committee. Hearing starts at 10:30 am in Room 1D of the Legislative Office Building (LOB).
HB 7070 - Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers
For more information, contact liz@prochoicect.org.

Wednesday, February 13

Insurance and Real Estate and Human Services Committees. Hearing starts at 10:00 am in Room 2C of the LOB. Testimony by invitation only.
Informational hearing on Public Health Option. Testimony by invited guests only, including: Cindy Mann, Dan Muese, Jacob Hacker, Kevin Lembo, Victoria Veltri

Thursday, February 14

Insurance and Real Estate Committee. Hearing starts at 11:00 am in Room 2D of the LOB
SB 330 - Establishing a human right to equal enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health.
SB 331 - Requiring Insurance Commissioner to consider affordability in reviewing health insurance premium rate filings
HB 6093 - Consideration of immigration status by health carriers
HB 6096 - Restraining changes to health insurers’ prescription drug formularies

Labor and Public Employees Committee. Hearing starts at 2:00 pm in Room 2C of the LOB
SB 1 - Paid Family and Medical Leave
HB 5003 - Implementing a Paid Family Medical Leave program

Jane McNichol