Join Health Care Action Day #2 - April 18

Posted 4/11/2018

On Wednesday April 18, we will come together in Hartford to demonstrate to legislators the importance of the POCCT priority issues. There has been discussion but no final action on these issues. Time is running out! There are only four weeks left in the session.
We can build on our successful Health Care Action Day in March by bringing more people to raise our issues to legislators. Please join us and encourage members of your networks to be there too. Wear a bright blue to identify yourself as part of POCCT. We'll have POCCT stickers. 

We'll start at Emanuel Lutheran Church (311 Capitol Avenue) at 2:30 with an update on the priority issues:

  • putting ACA protections into Connecticut law (HB 5210)
  • restoring Medicaid for people who are elderly/disabled, for HUSKY A parents and for other Medicaid beneficiaries
  • controlling prescription drug prices (HB 5384)
  • studying a Medicaid public option

We expect the legislature to be in session so we will move from Emanuel Lutheran to the Capitol - outside the House Chambers on the second floor and/or the Senate chambers on the third floor.

Flyer here. Facebook event page here. Promotional video here.

Call or email with questions: Jane McNichol,; 203-427-3909.

Jane McNichol