Health Care Matters - Make Health Care Affordable!


Join health care advocates from around the state at
Health Care Action Day – March 14
as we tell our legislators to support bills that move CT toward high quality, affordable health care for everyone!

Lots of health care bills with lots of good (and bad) ideas have had public hearings. Now legislators have to start making decisions. We can be part of those decisions.

HB 5384 (An Act Concerning Prescription Drug Costs) – This bill had a public hearing on March 6 and now is awaiting action in the Insurance and Real Estate Committee.
We need to show legislators how important it is to address the ever-rising price of health care.

Plan for Health Care Action Day:

1:00 pm - Gather at Emanuel Lutheran Church, 311 Capitol Avenue, Hartford (across from the Legislative Office Building) for a briefing on this and other health care issues.
2:15 pm – Go to the Legislative Office Building to talk to legislators and show them how important consumer protections are.
3:30 pm – Gather at Room 2600 for closing event
                  Information available in Room 2600 throughout the afternoon.

Let us know if you will be there by e-mailing Jane McNichol at Questions: contact Jane at 203-427-3909.

Jane McNichol