Breaking news: Senate delays vote on GOP health care bill

Posted 6/27/17

Your calls and actions are making a difference in D.C.

Thousands upon thousands of people have stood up across the country and urged the U.S. Senate to vote NO on the bad, so-called "Better Care Reconciliation Act."  (Click here to see Lives on the Line Action)

Today, Senator Mitch McConnell announced that the bill will not be taken up for before the July 4 recess.  (Click here to read the story)

We can all take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief - but we can't stop the fight!

Republican "hold out" Senators will have their arms twisted throughout the July recess:

  • Trump is meeting with the GOP Senators this afternoon
  • Senator McConnell has a $200 billion "slush fund" that can be used to sweeten the deal for "hold-out" Senators to change their votes to YES

We must not stop our advocacy.

Please join with other advocates and activists on Wednesday, June 28 for a CT rally:  (Here's the Facebook event page)

Jane McNichol