Take a picture - Show that lives are on the line!

Posted 6/15/2017

The U.S. Senate leadership is gearing up to pass a health care bill that is very similar to the House of Representative's (un)American Health Care Act. They want to take this vote before June 30, even though no one has seen the bill yet. Thousands of Connecticut residents risk losing access to needed health care.

Help us demonstrate that Connecticut lives are on the line by joining the "Lives on the Line" action. More details about the action are here - but your part is very simple:

  • Take a picture of yourself and others who care about health care. (All we need are photos.)
  • E-mail your picture(s) to info@universalhealthct.org; to send through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, use the links in this flyer.

We are gathering these photos to illustrate the thousands of Connecticut residents who will be hurt by the proposals to repeal the ACA. We are planning a "Lives on the Line" action for next week. AND WE NEED LOTS OF PHOTOS TO MAKE OUR POINT. More details about the action to follow.

Jane McNichol