Health Care Vote Before Monday?

Posted 4/26/17

There is discussion (again) of a vote in the US House of Representatives on the amended American Health Care Act - possibly as earlier as Friday or over the weekend. The bill is being amended to appeal to the conservative Freedom Caucus. It contains all the problematic provisions of the original version and makes it worse. Here are the Community Catalyst talking points on the revised bill:

  • Takes us back to the dark days when people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and cancer couldn’t get health insurance. The plan would allow insurers to charge more to people who are sick, leading to premium increases upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for coverage that is unlikely to meet their health care needs.
  • Allows states to get rid of the essential health benefits, which would roll back the clock to the days of skimpy plans without coverage for maternity care, substance use disorders or mental health services. This means, for example, that women will have to pay more for coverage that actually meets their health care needs.
  •  Exempts members of Congress and their staffs from key provisions of this damaging bill.
  •  The new plan also keeps intact draconian cuts to Medicaid, jeopardizing care for millions of low-income seniors, people living with disabilities, children and low-income parents.

More detailed analyses of the amended AHCA are here. Contact information for the Connecticut delegation are in the post below.

Jane McNichol