Make Calls TODAY to Protect Health Care

Posted 11/16/2017

We’ve made our voices heard before and  we need to do it again – NOW! The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on their tax cutting and health care damaging bill on Thursday. The Senate is working on their version of the bill and plans to vote the week after Thanksgiving. Here's what you can do: 

1. Call your U.S. Representative now! Tell them to OPPOSE the tax bill and SUPPORT bills that strengthen our health care system (more information below).  Toll-free # 1-877-795-7862 or use the Congressional office phone numbers here.
2. Encourage friends and relatives in other states to make calls.
3. Attend forums and town hall meetings during the Thanksgiving recess next week and share your stories and concerns.
Representative Larson is holding a forum on the tax bill Monday evening. Details here.
Check the POCCT website for more meetings as they are scheduled.

Talking points:

Republicans are now using their tax cut bills to repeal important parts of the ACA. To generate money for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, the Senate bill puts coverage for 13 million people at risk and increases costs for individual coverage. The House bill could force cuts of up to $25 billion in Medicare next year. Republican budget resolutions outline massive cuts to Medicaid and Medicare to pay for the tax cuts in these bills. More details here. Information on individual mandate and the tax cuts' impact on social spending here

Meanwhile, a bill to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP/HUSKY B) and provide vital funding to Community Health Centers has not yet been passed and the bipartisan Alexander/Murray bill to stabilize insurance markets has not been brought up in the Senate. 


Jane McNichol