Protect the ACA Individual Mandate

Posted 11/12/2017

Last week, as Republicans searched for ways to finance their tax cut for corporations and the wealthy, there was talk of including repeal of the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act as a way to save the federal government money. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the number of Americans without health insurance would increase by 13 million if the individual mandate were repealed. 
The projected savings from mandate repeal come entirely from these coverage losses. For example, fewer people would enroll in the ACA marketplaces and claim premium tax credits, reducing federal costs. 
Neither the House nor the Senate tax bills currently contain this mandate repeal provision but the idea might come up during negotiations about the bill. You can help ensure the continuation of the important individual mandate by calling Senators Blumenthal and Murphy and your U.S. Representative and supporting them in their opposition to repealing the mandate. Contact information here
More details about this issue are available on the Resources page of the Protect Our Care CT website

Jane McNichol