Oppose Budget Resolution That Will Cut Health Care!

Posted 10/19/2017

From Coalition for Human Needs: The U.S. Senate will vote on a budget this week that has only one purpose: to deliver massive tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Please send emails to your Senators to say: 

Vote no on the budget that slashes Medicaid, SNAP, education, housing and more to pay for trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the rich.  

Remember how they tried to repeal the health care law to pay for tax cuts for the rich, health insurance companies and other health industry corporations?  This is the same fight, only threatening even more of what our nation really needs.

The budget the Senate will vote on this week seeks to put whopping tax cuts on a fast track by allowing them to pass in the Senate with only a simple majority. If these tax cuts are enacted, you - and the vast majority of Americans - will pay for them.  We will pay because the budget assumes more than $5 trillion in cuts to services over the next decade.  Out of the $5 trillion, $1.3 trillion will come from health programs (mostly Medicaid, CHIP); nearly $500 billion from Medicare.

Please keep speaking out as you did when the ACA was threatened:  click here to tell your Senators to vote no. 

A number of Senators are especially important to call:  see who's listed, with an easy way to call from your mobile phone or to reach them through Twitter, here:  https://trumptaxtoolkit.org/  (Thanks, Center for American Progress!)

Jane McNichol