Call State Legislators to Reverse the Medicare Savings Program Cut!

Posted 12/4/2017; updated 12/7/2017

The recently adopted state budget includes major cuts to the Medicare Savings Program (MSP). These cuts were originally scheduled to go into effect on January but the Department of Social Services (DSS) has now said that it will delay implementation of the change in eligibility standards while it reviews options for recipients. DSS expects this review to take about two months.  More information in this article from the CT Mirror.  
The reduction in income eligibility levels will result in more than 100,000 low income elders and people with disabilities losing access to Medcaid assistance to pay health care costs not covered by Medicare. More details about MSP and the cuts are available from the Department of Social Services website. People affected by these cuts are receiving notices now.

Advocates and people affected by the cuts should call legislators and ask them to restore the MSP cut, while protecting other needed services. 

- Talk about the harm that will be done - either by telling personal stories or by emphasizing the number of elderly and disabled people who will be affected.
- Urge legislators not to increase cuts in other service areas that impact low-income adults, seniors, or people with disabilities. (There is apparently some discussion of restoring MSP by making other harmful service/health care cuts.)
- Calls are best; e-mails also work. Find your STATE senator and representative and contact information here.  

Jane McNichol