Act Today to Help HUSKY A Parents!

From CT Citizen Action Group:

 Calls Still Needed Today and Tomorrow (Friday and Saturday)

Thursday, the outlines of a state budget deal was announced. The deal includes a modest increase in the income eligibility limits for parents in the HUSKY A/Medicaid program. But the proposal will not fully restore coverage of parents to match the income eligibility levels of their children. Children are covered up to 201% of the federal poverty level (FPL). Parents are currently covered up to 155% FPL.

We applaud legislative leaders and the Governor for beginning to address this issue. But we need to match parents’ and their children’s coverage. This ensures coverage of more eligible chldren as well as adults.

Please contact the legislative leaders listed below TODAY and TOMORROW (calls are best but email messages are okay too) with this message:

- Thank you for your attention to the importance of health care for CT’s low income working parents.  
- Please go further and cover HUSKY A parents to 201% of the federal poverty level to match their children’s eligibility, as CT did in its HUSKY program until cuts in 2015.

Jane McNichol