Health Care Updates/Events

State Legislature:

  • HB 7174, which addresses the cost of prescription drugs in CT, was approved by the Insurance and Real Estate Committee. Fact sheet on this bill is available on the Resources page of

  • SB 1078, to certify doulas and provide Medicaid reimbursement for services, has a public hearing before Human Services Committee Thursday, March 21 at 11:00 am. See this New York Magazine article on the role of doulas in addressing the black maternal death rate.

Federal Developments

  • President Trump released his proposed budget last week. While the budget is not expected to be adopted as presented, it includes many cuts to Medicaid and the ACA and indicates the direction that the Administration will take in implementing health care at the federal level. See this analysis by Families USA for details.

  • Yale Law School will host “Medicare for America: A Discussion of Plans for Universal Coverage” with Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Jacob Hacker of Yale University and Allison Hoffman of Yale Law School this Wednesday, March 20 at 12:00. Details on the Events page of

Jane McNichol