Tell Legislators to support HB 7267 - Public Option for Health Care

The Insurance and Real Estate Committee of the State Legislature is considering HB 7267, which would add choices for health insurance coverage for small businesses and non-profits in 2020 and for individuals buying on the private market in 2021.

You can help move this bill forward. Contact legislators on the Insurance and Real Estate Committee to urge that they support this bill and pass it on to the state House of Representatives. (Fact sheet on the bill here.)

A public hearing was held on the bill last Thurs., March 7. You can see the press conference introducing the bill here. Coverage of the full hearing on the CT-N network available here (HB 7267 is the first bill heard by the Committee).

Coverage of the press conference and hearing is available here:

CT Mirror
CT News Junkie
Hartford Courant

Lots more work to be done on this issue as the session goes on.

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Jane McNichol