Support Adding a Dental Benefit to Medicare

Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin of CT Oral Health Initiative will be part of a national advocates’ day on Capitol Hill in support of adding a dental benefit to Medicare Part B. She will be delivering messages and stories from CT residents to CT Senators and Representatives. If you want your message included, get a card, note, or e-mail to Pareesa by Monday, Oct. 21.

From Pareesa:

Our ask: Congress should add oral health coverage under Medicare Part B covered services. Consider co-sponsoring/introducing a companion bill to the bills listed below.

The bills we are following and supporting:

  • S.22/H.R. 2951 Medicare Dental Benefit Act of 2019 (Sen. Cardin/Rep. Barragan) - Sen. Blumenthal has co-sponsored

  • S.1423 Medicare and Medicaid Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act (Sen. Casey)

  • H.R.1393 - Medicare Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act of 2019 (Rep. Doggett) - Rep. DeLauro has co-sponsored

Attached is a post card template you can use (print on cardstock, cut on the dotted lines, fill out with your name, ZIP, and message). Of course people can use other cards or plain paper. Emails also work - I can print them and add them to the stack of cards.

Send or e-mail cards or other messages to Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin, CT Oral Health Initiative, 175 Main St, Hartford, CT 06106; (

Jane McNichol