Help Make HB 5210 LAW!

Posted 5/16/2018

H.B. 5210, now P.A. 18-10, is awaiting Governor Malloy's signature after passing the state House of Representatives by a vote of 114-32 and the state Senate by a vote of 34-2.

HB 5210, one of Protect Our Care CT's priority bills, puts protection of essential health benefits into state law, so that we’re protected even if Congress or the Trump Administration eliminates those protections at the federal level. The bill also ensures coverage of preventive services at no cost to the consumer and bars annual and lifetime caps on coverage.

Governor Malloy has been an important supporter of expanding access to good health care. We are excited that this law can be part of his health care legacy.

E-mail Gov. Malloy today and let him know how important the benefits in HB 5210 (PA 18-10) are to you and your community.

Essential Health Benefits Graphic.jpg
Jane McNichol