Help Control Drug Prices TODAY - Contact State Representatives

Posted 4/27/2018

Connecticut residents are worried about skyrocketing drug prices. A recent poll shows loud and clear, they agree across party lines that they want their elected leaders to DO SOMETHING!

House Bill 5384, An Act Concerning Prescription Drug Costs, may be voted on in the CT House of Representatives Friday, April 27 or Monday, April 30. This bill is an important first step in addressing high drug prices. The House of Representatives needs to take action. Otherwise, we risk running out of time for Senate action before the legislature adjourns on May 9. 

Contact your state representative RIGHT NOW and urge him/her to pass HB 5384 and send it to the Senate! Find your state representative here

See this CT Mirror article - Clock Ticking on a Bipartisan Scramble to Curb Drug Costs - for more information about the bill and the need for action now!

Jane McNichol