Health Care Action Day Update

Posted 4/24/18

Thanks to everyone who participated in our April 18 Health Care Action Day - in person or virtually. Getting a hold of House members while they were in session proved much harder than we had anticipated (reaching Senators while they are in session has always been hard). But we contacted at least 35 representatives or senators that afternoon and demonstrated the importance of health care through our signs, stickers and blue shirts. More legislators heard our message through the CT Alliance for Retired Americans in the morning and Mothers for Justice at New Haven Day at the Capitol.

It's not too late to contact your legislators about our priority issues. A fact sheet outlining all four issues and recommended action for legislators is here. Other information about the issues is also available on the Protect Our Care CT website Resources page. 

Pictures of Health Care Action Day are posted on the Protect Our Care CT website photo gallery.

Issue Update: Democratic and Republican members of the Appropriation Committee announced their budget proposals on Friday. Both proposals partially restore the Medicare Savings Program. The Republican proposal would restore coverage for about 77,000 of the 115,000 affected people; the Democratic proposal would only restore coverage for about 45,500 Neither proposal restores coverage for 13,000 HUSKY A parents who are scheduled to lose Medicaid on January 1, 2019. See news story here

Jane McNichol