Restore Medicaid/HUSKY!

Posted 2/16/2018

Join the Medicaid Strategy Group in taking action to

Wednesday, February 21st
4:00 pm - Legislative Briefing & Action Strategy

6:00 pm - Appropriations Committee Public Hearing
Legislative Office Building Room 2C

Background: Last year - the CT General Assembly lowered eligibility levels for the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) impacting 113,000 seniors & people with disabilities. Legislators also eliminated Medicaid/HUSKY coverage for 13,000 low income parents, limited access to dental services for all adults on Medicaid and cut reimbursement payments to primary care providers.

CT's Medicaid program provides essential healthcare and benefits to approximately 800,000 CT residents- including elderly, parents and their children, people with disabilities and other lower-income individuals in need of health care. The changes enacted last year put the health care of thousands of our neighbors in jeopardy.

The Good News- because YOU spoke up and showed up at the Capitol, called your legislators, wrote Op-Eds and made sure our voices were heard, the CT General Assembly reversed their decision and rescinded the cuts to the Medicare Savings Program.

The Bad News –This fix was only temporary.  As it stands, our state’s most vulnerable citizens are scheduled to lose their benefits on July 1, 2018 - and the cuts to HUSKY A parents, dental benefits and primary rates still stand.

But as we saw in December, when we fight back, WE CAN WIN.

That’s why your voice, your presence and your actions are needed now more than ever before. Together we can stop these reckless cuts to MSP and Husky A and keep Connecticut families health, safe and secure.

Jane McNichol