Schedule a Health Care 101 Workshop for Your Organization

Elections are over and it’s time to get ready for action on health care in January. A Health Care 101 Workshop will help members of your organization be confident, informed advocates. Here’s the details:

How Health Care Works (or Doesn’t) in CT
Health Care 101 - Getting Smart(er) about Health Care Programs

The Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut has developed an interactive, educational program that provides up-to-date information on coverage issues, explains health care terms and outlines public and private health care programs available in the state.

Trained presenters will come to your meeting to present "Health Care 101". The presentation can be tailored to the topics of most interest to your organization. Presentation lasts at least an hour and can be longer if you are interested in several topics. We recommend 3 hours for a workshop that includes all topics.

The Health Care 101 workshop gives a basic overview of a wide variety of issues that impact the accessibility, affordability, and quality of our health care systems. Topics include:

  • What kind of coverage Connecticut residents have and the differences between different types of private insurance plans, and public coverage

  • Private insurance lingo – words to know when dealing with private insurance

  • Topline information on Medicaid and the importance of defending and improving this important program

  • Overview of Medicare – its successes, challenges, and threats

  • Highlights of the Affordable Care Act and how it changed Connecticut

  • Brief primer on our state health insurance exchange – Access Health CT

  • How the health system landscape has changed – and what it means for regular people; includes hospitals buying other hospitals

  • Why health care is so expensive

  • The rising costs of prescription drugs

  • Health policy in Connecticut – Key groups where decisions are made and key factors that influence our health systems; includes initiative, issues and entities affecting health care in our state

  • Levers where advocacy and activism can help us move towards more accessible, affordable and equitable health care for all

  • Current threats and opportunities to move towards accessible, affordable, quality health care for all

To schedule a presentation, contact:

• Rose Ferraro,, or
• Jane McNichol,

Jane McNichol