Health Care Updates

Posted 1/9/2017

Medicare Savings Program - The state legislature voted on Monday to continue the Medicare Savings Program income eligibility limits at their 2017 levels until July 1, 2018 by adopting HB 7601. The state budget adopted in October had significantly reduced the income eligibility levels. Governor Malloy has threatened to veto this new bill because the legislature did not deal comprehensively with state budget problems. The overwhelmingly supportive vote in both the House and the Senate indicates that a veto could be overturned. There were concerns about the revenue used to pay for this change. This issue will have to be revisited in the regular legislative session, which starts in February, or the income limits will drop in July. More details in this CT Mirror article.

Access Health CT - Despite a shortened enrollment period, 114,134 people enrolled in health care plans through Access Health CT, Connecticut's health insurance exchange established under the Affordable Care Act. This number is slightly higher than enrollment in 2016. Open enrollment ended on December 22. 

Jane McNichol