Oppose Cassidy-Graham; Preserve the ACA

Posted 9/12/2017

Attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and destroy Medicaid are not yet over. The Trump Administration and Senators Cassidy and Graham are pushing what they are describing as a "compromise" bill. They want the Senate to consider this bill, which is not yet fully drafted, before September 30. 

The Cassidy-Graham proposal is not a compromise. Like other repeal bills, it eliminates the Medicaid expansion and caps and cuts funding for Medicaid for families with children and people who are elderly and/or disabled. It also block grants the Affordable Care Act tax credits, eliminates the block grant in 2026 and restricts protections for pre-existing conditions and specialized health care needs. Details here

Connecticut US Senators and Representatives have strongly supported the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid. Contact them this week to encourage them to oppose this last-ditch repeal attempt. Contact information here.

Jane McNichol