A Victory - for Now

Posted 7/19/2017

Sen. McConnell's Better Care Reconciliation Act will not be passed by the Senate. The defeat of this bill is the result of enormous and often courageous grassroots activism - here in Connecticut and across the country. We should be proud but not complaisant. Sen. McConnell is vowing to bring a bill to repeal the ACA without any replacement plan to a vote in the Senate, perhaps next week. This proposed bill would have worse consequences than the Better Care Reconciliation Act. See Center on Budget and Policy Priorities article here. As of now, this bill is expected to die in the Senate (but...).

Whatever happens next week, our work to preserve health care is not over. Here are some of the obvious threats:

  • Slow motion repeal and sabotage of the ACA by refusing to lock in payments of cost sharing subsidies or not enforcing the individual mandate
  • Cuts made administratively to health programs, such as the recent cancellation of grants to teen pregnancy prevention programs
  • The 2018 federal budget process; the House Republican budget proposal includes huge cuts to Medicare and Social Security and President Trump's budget proposal includes major cuts to Medicaid
  • Tying reauthorization of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to cuts in ACA funding or Medicaid. CHIP is due for reauthorization in September

To continue to demonstrate the importance of health care, Protect Our Care CT is joining the national Lives on the Line Day of Action on July 29. More details as they develop.

Jane McNichol