There's Still Work to Be Done

Posted 5/4/2017

The US House of Representatives has just passed the (un)American Health Care Act by a very narrow vote. See a summary of news reports here. There are three things you can do now to continue the work to preserve health care programs:

  • Thank your US Representative for voting against this bill. The Connecticut delegation was firmly opposed to this bill. We need to acknowledge that. Phone numbers and e-mails are on our Take Action page. You can also thank Rep. Larson in person by attending one of his public forums in the next week. Details here.
  • Go to Senator Blumenthal's Town Hall on Saturday to support him in his opposition to the bill in the Senate. Details about the event here. Community Catalyst Talking Points on the bill are here.
  • Urge others to sign up for alerts and updates from Protect Our Care CT on the Protect Our Care CT website.

Protect Our Care CT is also focusing on a state response to federal changes. Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman has just announced that she will be forming a bipartisan working group to address ACA changes in Connecticut. We will be working with that group as it moves forward.

Jane McNichol