Stop the new version of AHCA

Posted 4/23/17

Republicans are negotiating a new version of the American Health Care Act. This version contains all the bad features of the earlier version and adds threats to pre-existing condition coverage and Essential Health Benefits. While it seems increasingly unlikely that there will be a vote on this version this week, contact with U.S. Representatives now is important.
Take this moment to:

  • Thank your representative for his/her continuing opposition to the American Health Care Act and its weakening of access to health care.
  • Urge him/her to oppose this latest version of the AHCA
  • Share stories of why the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare and women's health programs are important to you. 
    Phone numbers are below. Information about the AHCA and possible revisions are available here.

John Larson 860-278-8888 (CT); 202-225-2265 (DC)
Joe Courtney 860-886-0139 (CT); 202-225-2076 (DC)
Rosa DeLauro 203-562-3718 (CT); 202-225-3661 (DC)
Jim Himes 203-333-6600 (CT); 202-225-5541 (DC)
Elizabeth Esty 860-223-8412 (CT); 202-225-4476 (DC)

Jane McNichol