Save Medicaid for CT Residents on Medicare

Posted 12/26/2017

The state budget adopted in October included a major cut in income eligibility levels for the state's Medicare Savings Program (MSP). MSP uses Medicaid funds to pay for health care costs not covered by Medicare for people who are elderly and disabled. The changes in eligibility were to take effect on January 1. In the face of strong protests against these cuts, the Department of Social Services (DSS) delayed implementation until March 1 and state legislative leaders pledged to reverse the cuts - at least until July 1, 2018 - and to cover the unbudgeted costs by making cuts in other unspecified programs.

These changes require legislative action. The legislature planned to convene this week to adjust the budget - but the special session has been delayed until at least late next week.

Don't let this important action slide into the regular February session of the legislature. Call your STATE Senator and Representative and ask them to convene in EARLY JANUARY to restore MSP income eligibility levels without cutting vital health care and social service programs to fund the restoration. For more information about this cut, see the "Health Care Proposals - State" section of the Protect Our Care CT Resource page.

Click here to identify your state senator and representative and get contact information.

Jane McNichol