Tell Congress Kids Can't Wait

Posted 12/13/2017

As Republican Senators and Representatives race to give big tax cuts to corporations and wealthy individuals before the end of the year, 9 million children who get health care coverage through CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program; HUSKY B in Connecticut) are stranded. Federal CHIP funding expired at the end of September. States, which administer the CHIP program, are now running out of money to pay for this health care coverage. In Connecticut, CHIP funding also helps fund Medicaid/HUSKY A coverage for some children.

What's at risk in Connecticut?

  • Health care for 17,000 children. If Congress does not act, parents will be notified in mid-December that their children's coverage may end on January 31, 2018.
  • $40 million to cover the cost of children in HUSKY A. The state will have to come up with this money if federal CHIP funding is not reauthorized. 

This letter from Governor Malloy and this brief from CT Voices for Children explain the issue further. 

What you can do (suggestions from Community Catalyst):

  • Flood Congress with calls. Call Senators Murphy and Blumenthal and your US Representative using the Congressional switchboard (202-224-3121). Remind them of the importance of CHIP and urge them to quickly re-fund the program without stealing from other health priorities.
  • Turn up the volume on social media. Amplify the importance of CHIP on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Reach out to your members of Congress by tweeting at them or posting on their Facebook pages, letting them know that kids can't wait. Use the hashtag #ExtendCHIP and #KeepKidsCovered. 
Jane McNichol